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Brow Design

$40 - 45 minutes

There is an art to designing perfectly styled brows. A professionally designed brow will create a more youthful appearance to your facial features. Professionally styled brows open and lift the eye area by providing a personalized balance to your facial features. 


Brow Clean up

$20 - 20 minutes

Maintaining a well manicured brow presents a finished look to your appearance. Tweezing and or gentle wax may be applied.


Brow Tinting

$30 - 30 minutes   

Semi permanent brow tinting adds definition to your face. Brows that are too light or brows with peak-a-boo gray hairs showing through will weaken your appearance. Brow tinting enhances and frames your face creating a more balanced and youthful appearance.


Lash Tinting

$30 - 30 minutes

Semi Permanent Lash tinting streamlines your morning beauty routine. Always look stunning and glamorous throughout your day whether you have time for mascara or not.