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Full Service Salon Facials

Full service salon facials are European Style Facials pampering in nature yet highly beneficial to the skin. Indulging in aromatherapy of naturally scented products, hot steamed towels and a magnificently relaxing décolleté massage.  

All facials provide rejuvenating and restorative anti-aging benefits. Light extractions, skin detoxification and chemical or organic exfoliants improve skin texture, tone and minimize pore size to reveal smoother, healthier glowing skin!

Each facial ends with an array of vitamin therapy and peptide enriched serums and creams. (vitamins A, B, C, K and a specific blend of four seaweed extracts).


Organic Facial

$125 - 60 minutes

All natural and organic products are used in this healthy facial to restore balance and calm the skin. The effects of the products used in this organic facial are hydrating, toning, healing and tightening to the skin. Organic honey cleanser, cucumber toner, lavender infused honey oatmeal scrub, cooling organic yogurt enzyme peel, pure organic enzyme rich gel masque, all feed and nourish the skin. Skin texture is silky smooth and nourished. A delicious way to spend an hour.


Anti-aging Facial

$130 - 60 minutes

Breathe new life into your skin with the benefits of this Anti-aging facial. Designed to address the unique concerns of the aging process; dull lifeless skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C micro bead exfoliant sloughs off old, dry surface skin cells. Lactic Acid assist in deepening the exfoliation process. An Ultrasound Spatula device smoothes away any remaining lifted surface cells. A peptide rich, infusion detox Miracle Masque will dramatically enhance the skins appearance. Clients will immediately notice the smoothness and glow to their skin. Clients will look years younger.


Glycolic Acid Facials

$100 - 60 mininutes

Polish and resurface your skin with a Glycolic facial. Glycolic Acids penetrate the many layers of dead skin cell build-up, revealing brighter, healthier looking skin. Rids debris from clogged pores, stimulates circulation, while providing a reduction in the appearance of acne scarring and brown spots. Assists in  lightly reducing hyperpigmentation, beneficial for most skin types.


Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

$110 - 60 minutes 

Many dermatologist now offer pumpkin peels. Pumpkin peels provide a similar result to Alpha Hydroxy Acid chemical peels, through the means of cellular exfoliation and cell renewal. Pumpkin peels invigorate circulation, improving skin clarity. Skin emerges healthier looking, texture and pore size are refined, fine lines are diminished and skin appears brighter, firmer and healthier.


Mini Detox Facial

$75 - 45 minutes

Simple and effective for the women on the go. This facial addresses most skin care concerns. Beginning with an exfoliating cleanser under comforting warm steam the skin renewal process is triggered. A Retinol scrub and Ultrasound Spatula is utilized to assist in removing cellular build-up, light extractions are performed. Followed with a nourishing peptide rich, infusion detox Miracle Masque to refine pores, boost collagen and elastin production.