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Sound Vibrational Therapy

$125 per session - 60 minutes

Recommended Sessions: 1-4

Much like tuning a musical instrument, tuning forks are used to entrain the bodies vibrational energy flow and return it to a balanced, optimal healthy state.

Science has long proven, absolutely everything in our universe holds a unique vibrational frequency residence whether we can hear it or not.

The benefits of music is a perfect example of vibrational sound healing. When we are feeling sad and we listen to an upbeat piece of music our emotions are elevated rather quickly to a happier state. Conversely, when we are in a heightened state of stress and we listen to a soft beautiful melody our nervous system begins to calm down and we find ourselves in a more peaceful and relaxed state of being.

The use of tuning forks on the body virtually offers the same balancing affects, just in a more profound way.

Common experiences from having a Sound Vibrational Therapy Session are listed below.

  • Relieves the body of physical tension.
  • Activates the natural current or energy flow of the body.
  • Creates an energetic movement to clear blockages and stagnant energy. Alleviates tight muscles.
  • Relaxes and calms heightened emotional states.
  • Assists pain management.

A sound vibrational practitioner never diagnoses, nor treats any apparent or recorded dysfunction or illness. Rather, the purpose of Sound Vibrational Therapy work is to enhance the Innate intelligence that expresses the natural well-being inherent within all sentient life.