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Juvesa Instant Lift - Age Reversal System

Combines 5 Treatments in one Session

$250 - 90 minute

( Package of 3 Sessions - $225 each )
( Package of 6 Sessions - $165 each )

This advanced treatment combination raises the bar for all anti-aging treatments. Consisting of 5 top of the line, cutting edge treatments applied during one 90 minute session. Many celebrities choose Juvesa for their Red Carpet events. You too, can choose Juvesa for every special occasion in your life! Once a client tries this miracle treatment, it becomes their treatment of choice! If you want to ward off the aging process, this is the treatment for you!

Diamond Microdermabrasion:

Microdermabrasion is a comprehensive physical exfoliation treatment.

Using cosmeceutical grade diamond tips to remove compacted, surface cellular tissue, yet so gentle even delicate eyelid tissue can be exfoliated.

An extremely effective modality to:

  1. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Stimulate collagen production
  3. Resurface skin texture
  4. Minimize pore size

Face, neck and décolleté are included with this procedure.

Oxygen Glow Therapy:

This treatment is therapeutic in nature, killing bacteria. Provides ultra rich essential multi-vitamin infusion, super boosts hydration and stimulates cellular metabolism. Leaves skin detoxed, glowing, firmer and plump. Proven studies have shown oxygen therapy strengthens collagen and elastin fibers.

Biosonix Ultrasound Therapy:

Biosonix Ultrasound combined with LED light therapy is applied to deeply penetrate an infusion of four micro-nutrient seaweed minerals, fortifying the collagen and elastin matrix. Revitalization is visibly noticeable, skin is smoother, firmer and pore size is dramatically reduced after just one session.

Myolight Micro-Current Therapy:

A noninvasive protocol, Myolight Therapy is a combined treatment of advanced micro-current technology combined with LED Light Therapy.
Myolight Therapy triggers cellular regeneration activity found within the cellular tissue of the muscle and the dermal layer of the skin. This treatment provides an instantaneous lifting appearance due to the toning action of the facial muscle cells, stimulation of collagen and elastin enhancement. The results of this process are immediately noticed and will continue to show visible lifting and toning effects over the next three days following the treatment. The skin will continue to repair and heal itself for an additional three to five days.

LED Light Therapy:

Medical device, cleared by the FDA

Red Light Therapy is a Biophotonic Therapy promoting wound healing and human tissue growth. Also triggering the release of ATP, a major energy source of most human cells. Red Light Therapy increases the rate of RNA and DNA synthesis, aiding in cellular regeneration of aged or damaged cells.

LED therapy is most known to stimulate collagen and elastin production, promoting notable skin firmness and skin elasticity.