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Advanced Targeted Peels

Advanced targeted skin lightening peels consist of peeling the skin and reducing skin discoloration with a medical grade strength acid. These peels feature a low ph level producing a deeper penetrating result, requiring approximately 10 days for the skin to heal and repair itself to a renewed healthy glowing state. Depending on the condition of the skin, a client may require a series of treatments to achieve that flawless, dewy look. Skin Lightening Peels are specifically used to brighten skin discoloration from acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, age spots and malasma.


Skin Lightening Peels

$250 per treatment - 30 - 45 minutes

Anti-aging skin with Brighteners:
Latic acid with skin brighteners, remove cellular buildup, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  
Diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation, age spots and melasma.

Oily Skin with Brighteners:
Glycolic acid with skin brighteners, remove the thick compaction of the skin's cellular surface tissue, aides in reducing skin congestion, lightens skin discoloration and skin staining.

Acneic Skin with Brighteners:
Salicylic acid with skin brighteners, lighten acne scarring and assists in healing acneic skin conditions, removes cellular blockage, may accelerate the purging process to reduces skin congestion and PIH discoloration.

Mini Peeling

The two following mini peels are offered for average healthy skin types. Both, Micro-Peeling or a Designer Peel are extremely effective and require absolutely no downtime whatsoever. Exfoliation is the key to maintaining youthful looking skin. Detox, repair and revitalize to encourage cellular renewal. Clients will leave with a beautiful, glowing, flawless complexion. 



$175 per treatment - 90 minutes

Light chemical acids, diamond microdermabrasion, enzymes, LED light therapy, vitamin rich nutrient infusion (vitamins A, B C, K and 4 seaweed extracts) plus oxygen therapy are used in this skin revitalizing treatment. Selected enzymes, chemical acids and vitamins are personalized to target the clients specific skin conditions and needs. The exfoliants in this treatment remove cellular build up, while the oxygen therapy heals and infuses the skin with vitamin rich nutrients. LED light therapy aids in the recovery process of building new cellular tissue, collagen and elastin.


Designer Peel

$130 per treatment - 60 minutes

Designer peels utilize light acids, vitamin C micro-beads, organic enzymes, LED light therapy and a soothing masque. Vitamin C micro-beads assist in manually exfoliating dead skin cells. The acid treatment will help to further the exfoliation process, while forcing vitamin C into the cellular structure of the skin. Organic enzymes dissolve any remaining lifted skin cells. The LED light therapy assists in repairing and building new collagen and elastin. A peptide base healing masque will complete this treatment.