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Customized Acne Service Treatments

Acne Facial Treatments:
60 - 90 minutes per Session

$110  Light Acne Treatment

$125  Advanced Acne Treatment

$95   Teen Acne Treatment

$75    Series of (6) Teen Acne Treatments

Acne Services are for Treatment Application Only. No-frills.

Acne Treatments are comprehensive in nature. Designed to achieve maximum improvement in the shortest amount of time. Several advanced therapeutic modalities are utilized, such as acid peels, enzymes, LED light therapy, ultrasound therapy, microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy.

A free consultation and skin analysis is performed for all new clients to determine a personalized protocol and home care regimen. An acneic condition is actually physically painful, damaging to the skin, and produces scarring and skin discoloration. It can also leave the client emotionally scarred. With all the advancements in skincare technology, it is absolutely not necessary for anyone to suffer or endure the painful embarrassment of acne.

All Acne Facial Treatments are comprehensive in nature and uniquely custom designed to address each clients specific stage of acne. Every Acne Treatment provides the groundwork for removing compacted, surface cellular tissue and assists in reducing bacterial growth to diminish breakouts. These treatments help to stimulate new, healthy, cellular tissue, remove dull, dry, congested skin, lighten acne scarring and provide healing benefits to the skin. Follicle purging is addressed through the use of several advanced modalities.

With consistency, a slightly modified diet and the right protocol, acneic conditions can be corrected, the skin can be healed and restored to a healthy vibrant state.